bavreg (bavreg) wrote in espoir_corp,

Exploration (Open)

The only sound piercing the silence was the high pitch whine of electricity in florescent lighting. All but the minimal night crew and a few patients slept. Bavreg wandered the halls trying not to think about pack strapped to his back, threatening to shock him if he tried to wander outside the building.
Instead the sentient rodent occupied his mind with the dreams and nightmares of the other detainees of Hope. Bavreg looked through the walls and into their minds. Some dreamed about lives before being caught, others about ways they would escape, many dreamed of strange imaginary worlds, but a few did not dream. A few remained awake and restless tonight.
As Bavreg noticed the first of these alert minds, the elevator down the hall dinged as the doors slid open. Out of instinct, his mind reached out to manipulate the senses of the elevator's occupant. The orderly, making his nightly rounds, walked down the hallway checking rooms. He looked directly at Bavreg, but without any telepathic ability, the illusion of being alone in an empty hall remained. The orderly moved on and around a corner before Bavreg resumed listening to the mind of an alert patient. He thought that it may come as some comfort for this being to know that they are not alone and sent an auditory illusion. From the wall opposite the door Bavreg projects, knock knock, "Hello?"
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