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Information Post - Important NPCs

Head Scientist Keleder D’Esilio:

Gender: Male
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown.
Height: 5’7”
Age: 31

Dr D’Esilio was a very quiet, very studious young man whose papers on plant symmetry were well received in botany circles, but as he transferred from lab to lab around the world his interest in the world of plants began to wane and his interest in the fleshy world of animals began to swell. By the time he was offered the position of Head Scientist at the Corporation, the quiet, pale, slight young man who had appeared in the botany world, seemingly from nowhere, was replaced by an intense, obsessive man who found the ethical boundaries of modern science… confining. As the weeks and months went by at the Facility in Canada, Dr D’Esilio began to realise one very important thing: no one here cared. None of his experiments that pushed ethical boundaries were harrumphed over. Results were the only thing that mattered, and so Dr D’Esilio now finds himself with a massive budget, a truly epic cupboard full of any number of drugs and no restraints.

Well, one restraint.

You can’t publish some of his findings, because other scientists would whine about patient’s rights this, patient’s rights that. How tiresome.

You’ll probably be sedated if Dr D’Esilio chooses you for an experiment. Probably.

His personal test subject used for unknown experiments, a mysterious individual known simply as A-24, is kept in a cell attached to Dr D’Esilio’s suite.


Gender: Unknown.
Hair: Unkown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5’5”
Age: Early twenties.

Very little is known about A-24, not even A-24’s gender. D’Esilio keeps this subject for ‘personal’ use and recreation. The doctor mentioned in passing that A-24 is in the early twenties in terms of age, and really, really likes amphetamines.
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