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The cold wind. A gentle sensation that blew through his transparent body as if it were a sheet of screen. A cold December wind. Far in the distance, clouds were huddling together, discussing their predictable game plan of shitting a ton of snow all over this wilderness, far from any city. Sadly, though, no human defenses could ever stop that sort of assault.

Not that it mattered to him. The wind would have chilled a living person to their core, and signaled their impending doom. But for him, that was far gone. His sign had come, and so had his end. The climax had passed... in more ways than one.

All he needed was his resolution. His ticket out of this miserable Earth. His door to what was intended for him after death, whether it be Hell or paradise.

And it was housed there, in the building that suddenly rose out of the endless trees and mountains like some strange monolith. A white building that would blend in with is surroundings so well if it were not for its angular shape. There was a logo with a heart on its side. Oh, the irony.

Any passerby would see the wavering, pale blue apparation of a boy not a day out of his teenage years, his bottom half severed and replaced with a bloody, smokey ghost-like tail - the sort you'd expect to see in silly, obsolete 50's cartoons. But from the tail rose a blood vessel-like cord, that lead up to a still, beatless heart resting inside a transparent blue torso. The ghost's eyes burned white as he stared at the building in front of him blankly, knowing who was inside. Knowing well who was inside.

After a year, he had found his ticket. His salvation was so close. Shivering with lust for his target, he faded away, heading towards the building in the strange gap between the spirit and physical world - the place his roots were still trapped in, despite being severed from his body, which was rotting in thr ground hundreds of miles away.
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