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espoir_corp's Journal

The Hope Corporation
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The Hope Corporation
Let Hope be Your Guide


Biomedical research. Sounds frightning, doesn't it? But fear not, the Hope Corporation uses its resources strictly for benevolent ends. Through the careful experiments performed on and with various mammals (rats, dogs, monkeys, mice, etc) exciting new frontiers of medicine are opening every day! The Corporation is dedicated to the bettering of humanity, and if you posses an appropriate degree please considering applying on our Employment Opportunities page. We're always excited to bring new team members on board!

Or not.

The Hope Corporation isn't as kind as it presents itself. While officially experimenting on only non-human animals, if one were to visit the large, underground complex in the wilderness of Canada the Corporation's sinister nature would be revealed. Non-humans of various sorts who are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the Corp's bounty hunters are brought here, incarcerated and if they're lucky, sedated before experimentation begins.

There are no police here, no rights, no appeal to a higher authority.

Patients, orderlies, guards and scientists are all required to keep a journal, which they must update at least once a week, or face termination. Upper management, in its ineffable wisdom, deemed this an excellent way to keep track of all the individuals working or incarcerated at the Hope Corporation Research Facility.


The open character classes are patient, nurse/orderly, security guard, and scientist.

What sort of 'non-human' do you mean?

Pick something from mythology. Satyr, sphinx, dragon, shapeshifter, psychic, mage--you name it. The type or species of characters is left deliberately blank because... well, that's more fun. Just keep in mind that no matter how powerful and cosmic and downright amazing your character is, s/he still got their ass caught and captured. Mary Sues and Gary Stus will be viciously mocked, then banned.


Application form and instructions here.

How Do I Play?:

You have a character journal which you post in as your character. If you want to start a new scene, start one in the third person in the main community. This sounds confusing, so here is an example!

When you post to the community you do it as such:

Today Bob went to get electrocuted by Scientist B and he was very scared. to which someone replies Scientist B was happy to electrocute Bob, and jerked off to the screams.

While in Bob's journal he'd write "Today I got electrocuted while that bastard jerked off. I hate this place, but the food is great."

Other prisonerspatients can reply on your character's journal.

When you start a scene, please note whether it is OPEN or CLOSED. If it is open, anyone may join at any time (provided their character is capable of doing so). If it is closed, please note in the title field that it is closed and then note which characters the scene is restricted to.

Oh God Oh God I Need More Information This is Too Freeform For Me:

Uh, sorry? This RP is deliberately made so that you don't have to read War and Peace just to RP and have your characters kill each other, have lots of sex and/or emoteinteract.

Character bios of important NPCs will be posted as soon as they're made, and then general layout of the Facility is left nebulous and strange. It's underground, it's big, the scientists have lots of funding. If you're the type of person who requires ten pages of rules and a detailed map to take your character to the bathroom, there are plenty of other RPs who would be thrilled to have you.

General Conduct:

Basically, we're not doing anything shockingly different rules-wise from other RPs.

-no godmoding

-be respectful. No one is here to have a terrible time and fill their lives with useless dramers, so before anyone explodes into a tower of intarwebs-rage, take a deep breath and wait one hour. Then post nasty, passive-aggressive entries in your main journal under heavy friend-filters. <-- DON'T DO THAT

-no "See Spot Run." A post should require a beginning (a response to a previous post) a body (short/long/whatever, but it should connect beginning and end), an end (a prompt for a reply post to be created. AKA, leave it open ended for the potential of a response, unless you're beginning or ending a scene.